Dog Foods

One of the main ways to keep your dog healthy is by providing nutritious dog food.  All of the dog food and dog treats offered at Fantastic Fido’s are naturally made with some of the freshest ingredients. We offer a variety of brands, sizes, and flavors.

One of our popular treats for dogs, are our smoked bones. We offer these in a 4 different sizes to accommodate for all sizes of dogs! These bones have a bone marrow center which dogs love. Chewing on bones is great for their teeth and good for providing nutrients that dogs need!

At Fantastic Fido’s we only offer the best dog foods for your dogs. In our retail store we carry Acana and Orijen dog food. These foods are made to replicate the diets that wolves would eat in the past. Acana and Orijen dog food’s are full of natural protein and are rich in animal fat. We offer a large variety of flavors and sizes. Stop by today to pick up some dog food!

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