We would love to take care of your Fantastic Friend!

We have Pup Tents, Doggie Dens, K-9 Cabins and Pupsidential Suites available for your pet! You’re required to bring your pet’s food (and treats, if you wish). We will supply clean dishes for food, water, bedding and blankets.
All dogs in our care are taken outside for supervised play and exercise several times during the day.

Pupsidential Suite

Does your dog think he is the Canine Commander in Chief? If so, this posh suite is the right place for your pooch! With a private television, Fido can relax in front of the “fireplace” and watch Lassie all day long!

 K-9 Cabins 
The K-9 Cabins are spacious private rooms creatively decorated in themes. Each K-9 Cabin has its own flat screen TV tuned to Animal Planet and a comfy bed! Also, each door has full-sized glass window to check out the action, too!

Doggie Dens
The Doggie Den rooms are spacious  enclosures with comfy beds and blankets with link fence gates. These offer plenty of room for even 2 large dogs – guests enjoy pampering and loving care!

Pup Tents
The Pup Tents are sturdy and safe stainless-steel enclosures suitable for small dogs. These offer plenty of room for our smaller guests, in a fun and cozy atmosphere!